Instructions for Online Exams 2023
Every student is allotted a Password for the Online Exam which is given in the List mailed / couriered to the centre. The centre has to do the following process:
  • The exam consists of 100 Marks Objective type 50 question to be attempted in 60 minutes.
  • On successful completion of the exam the student would be getting the result online which the centre has to take a screenshot or convert to pdf. and mail to corporate office on rajcomputershelpline@yahoo.co.in for Online Exam Certification. We would already have exam data so you need not worry if e-mail of result is not done also.
  • Every student successfully completing the online exam would be provided with an additional certification.
  • One student can appear for exam one time only. If he / she fails second attempt is not available.
  • The student would be getting 60 minutes to answer 50 questions.
  • Final result of student would be calculated on Aggregate basis on his marks obtained in Online and Offline mode. Absenteeism of student in either of the mode would be counted as absent only for the entire exam.
  • Please note that the exam is compatible only in Google Chrome and would not work in any other browser.
For further assistance on exam please feel free to call on +919820127177 or mail on rajcomputershelpline@yahoo.co.in